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DST-DAAD Project Based Personnel Exchange Programme (PPP)-2011

Description: With a view to intensifying interaction and the scientific cooperation between Indian and German Scientists / Institutions, Department of Science & Technology (DST) of India and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) of Germany jointly extend support for exchange of visits under this Project based Personnel Exchange Programme (PPP), with a special emphasis on further academic training and specialisation of young scholars.

Eligibility / project participants and subject areas: Faculty, Scientists and Academicians belonging to Universities, Deemed Universities and Research Institutes having permanent positions can apply as Principal Investigator (PI) and should include up to two PhD students or Post Doctoral scientists who have cleared NET/GATE, as applicable. The project team from each side, including the PI, should not exceed Three . In order to qualify for such funding, investigators are required to have a concrete and sound research proposal on one of the following areas:

· Agricultural, Veterinary and Forestry Sciences;

· Engineering Sciences;

· Geo Sciences;

· Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Sciences and Informatics;

· Medical, Life, Health and Nutritional Sciences;

· Physical, Material and Chemical Sciences.

The following types of proposals shall not be considered:

· Already existing collaborative projects where travel and living expenses are financed by some other source;

· Purely individual visits / training programme;

· Organisation of Seminars / Workshops or participation in a Conference / Congress.

Funding /support available:

Grants will be offered only towards travel and living costs, (normally up to 4 visits from each side spread over project duration of 2 years) within the framework of well-defined and approved DST-DAAD research projects. The sending side will bear the travel cost (including overseas medical insurance; visa fees etc) between the place of work of the

scientists/ students in their own country and the place of work in the host country. The host side will provide the living expenses (per-diem). It is expected that primary financing for the collaborative research project, including personnel costs, is already available/ will be available to both the sides from other sources. Hence, project-related

incidental costs (for example, bench fees, staff or running costs, costs for computer time, materials purchases, documentation, photocopying, printing, internal travel) shall not be covered under this programme, as is the case for costs related to purchase of equipment, infrastructure, workspaces and office machine etc.

The local hospitality terms for visiting scientists in each others’ host countries are as follows:

For Indian scientists visiting Germany: an allowance up to EURO 1840 per month or EURO 82 per day (if the stay is for less than 21 days) for post- doctoral and senior scientists and up to EURO 1000 per month or EURO 45 per day (if the stay is for less than 21 days) to scholars registered for PhD;

For German scientists visiting India: an allowance of Rs.1000/- per day for up to 30 days and Rs. 700/- per day for additional days beyond 30 days + furnished accommodation. The mutual visits of the scientists must be balanced in number & duration (normally up to 4 visits from each side spread over entire duration of the 2 year

project) and should in general, be only for a short duration of time.

For senior scientists, the maximum period of each visit shall be 30 days per year of the project and for young scientists each visit will be for a maximum period of 60 days per year of the project. A participant from either side would be allowed to avail only one visit per year of the project.

Project duration:

Support to the project will be granted for duration of 2 years only. The sanctioned visits (ie max 4 from each side) will have to be completed within the duration of the 2 years. Request for extension of the project shall NOT be considered.

Application procedure

Proposals in the prescribed format, duly forwarded by the Head of the Institutions are to be submitted simultaneously by the Indian Project Leader to the Department of Science & Technology DST, New Delhi and by the German Project Leader (Please see DAAD announcement at ) to the DAAD, Bonn. Applications received by

both the agencies with all necessary documents shall only be considered. Applications will be evaluated independently on both sides by an external peer-review system on the basis of scientific merit, need for co-operation and the composition of project teams. Final decision will be made jointly by DST and DAAD.

The German project leaders are required to submit the identical project document to DAAD HO in Bonn (Mr. Benedikt Romberg, Ref. 425, Postfach 200404, 53134 Bonn email:; and

The Indian project leaders are required to send only one original copy of the complete application to:

Shri R K Sharma, Scientist-C,

International Division (Room No 4 B, Adm. Block)

Department of Science and Technology, Technology Bhavan,

NewMehrauli Road, New Delhi-110 016.


Application Closing Date: 30th November 2010.

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