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2011 Fellow Programmes in Management and Related Disciplines, India

2011 Fellowship for Doctoral Programme of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta for advanced studies and research in different specializations related to Management Science

The Fellow Programme of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta is a full-time doctoral programme that offers students opportunities for advanced studies and research in different specializations related to Management Science. The Programme aims to prepare students for careers in teaching and research in management studies and in related disciplines, and for careers in the government, in industry, and in other organizations that require advanced analytical and research capabilities.

The Institute started the Fellow Programme in 1971 to contribute to the body of knowledge in management sciences through an interactive process of teaching and research. The Program focuses on training outstanding scholars whose teaching and research will advance management education and practice, and who will be able to meet the continued need for qualified faculty in management education in India and abroad. In addition, the Programme serves the needs of government agencies, firms, financial institutions, and development organizations by making available to them scholars with high levels of research experience.

The Programme offers its students a unique opportunity to engage in high-quality intra-disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary research. The Programme is committed to educating scholars who will become leaders in their fields of research. Many IIMC Fellows are faculty members in leading business schools and universities in India and abroad, while others hold leadership positions in corporate research environments.

The Fellow Programme has two streams. The Fellow Programme in Management includes the following disciplines: Behavioural Sciences, Economics, Finance & Control, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Public Policy & Management, and Strategic Management. The Fellow Programme in Disciplines Related to Management includes the following specializations: Operations Research & Systems Analysis, Regional Development, and Sociology.

The Programme consists of two phases: A two-year coursework phase is followed by a two-to-three year dissertation phase in which a student writes his/her doctoral dissertation. The Institute provides substantial support to Fellowship students in the forms of comprehensive financial aid and adequate research infrastructure.

On successful completion of the Programme, a student is awarded the title of a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta in his/her area of specialization. The title is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities and by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, as being equivalent to a Ph.D. degree of anaccredited university.

For more information, contact the Administrative Officer, Fellow Programmes and Research, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata 700104; phone: (33) 2467 8300 extension 199; email:

Programme Structure and Specializations:

The Fellow Programme contains two distinct streams:

A. The Fellow Programme in Management offers the following specializations:

1. Behavioural Sciences

2. Economics

3. Finance & Control

4. Management Information Systems

5. Marketing

6. Human Resource Management

7. Operations Management

8. Strategic Management

9. Public Policy and Management

B. The Fellow Programme in Disciplines Related to Management offers the following specializations:

1. Regional Development

2. Operations Research and Systems Analysis

3. Sociology

Application Process:

An applicant is required to submit a Fellow Programme (FP) Application Form 2011 for each area of specialization that (s)he applies for. Application forms are to be downloaded from the IIMC website: If an applicant is unable to download the Form, (s)he can get the Forms physically collected from: The Fellow Programme Office, IIM Calcutta, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata 700104.

Completed Application Form(s) must be submitted along with an Application Fee of Rs.300. This fee should be paid by a crossed demand draft for Rs. 300/- payable to “Indian Institute of Management Calcutta” on a bank in Kolkata. An SC/ST/OBC applicant need not pay the application fee as long (s)he sends an attested photocopy of his/her SC/ST/OBC certificate.

When applying to two areas of specialization, an applicant is required to submit two separate application forms, complete in all respects, one for each area of specialization. However, a single payment of the application fee of Rs. 300/- will suffice for each applicant, as long as (s)he submits the two application forms at the same time (e.g., in the same mailing).

For each area of specialization applied for, two letters of recommendation (in the prescribed format) are required. Blank forms for recommendation letters, and instructions on how to return them, are contained in the Application Forms.

Applicant must ensure that a submitted Application Form is complete in all respects. Along with the Form, the applicant is required to submit the following “supporting documents”:

Certified Documents: Provide attested copies of transcripts of Academic Records/Mark Sheets/ GMAT/GATE/GRE/UGC-JRF test scores. Attestation may be done by a Faculty Member of a College/University/IIM, by a Member of a Legislative Assembly, or by a Gazetted Officer. A “key” to a transcript’s letter grade system should be included wherever necessary.

Research Summaries: Enclose summaries of your published or unpublished research work.

Completed Application Forms should reach the following address by January 24, 2011: Administrative Officer – Fellow Programmes and Research, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata 700104.

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