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Graduate Fellowships in Sustainability Science.

Graduate Fellowships in Sustainability Science – Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative

Introduction: Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative (SSI), a partnership between the University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine offers opportunities for cutting-edge interdisciplinary learning experiences at the graduate level, including up to 25 PhD fellowships at the University of Maine. SSI is a $20 million, 5-year program funded by the National Science Foundation’s EPSCoR program.


Students with backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines are encouraged to apply: e.g., social sciences, biological, earth, and chemical sciences, natural resource management, communication, engineering, education, mathematics, and more. SSI’s mission is to create an integrative research program and strong stakeholder partnerships that generate improved solutions to intersecting ecological, social, and economic challenges in and beyond Maine.


Graduate students will be part of an integrated research program built on strong stakeholder partnerships and collaborative, interdisciplinary research teams focused on urbanization, forest ecosystem management, and climate change. These efforts address the dynamics of social-ecological systems with an emphasis on moving from knowledge to action.

Application Procedure:

After you have made contact with one or more SSI faculty and they have encouraged you to apply for a fellowship please fill out the standard graduate school application with particular attention to the following items: Proposed Program of Study: List the name of the degree you wish to pursue (for example, Ecology and Environmental Sciences). Major Area of Interest: Enter Sustainability Science here to make sure your application is reviewed by the Fellowship Selection Committee. Correspondence: List the key SSI people with whom you have communicated, especially your likely advisor or co advisors. Recommendation providers: You need to list at least three people who will serve as your regular, external references AND in addition list one or two SSI faculty who have agreed to support your application. They will need to write letters explaining how you would be integrated into their SSI research work.

Key Dates

Initial Application Period Starts: November 1, 2009

Initial Application Period Ends: January 11, 2010

Invitations to finalists to attend Open House: January 15, 2010


5710 Norman Smith Hall,

Orono, Maine 04469

Email: SSI(AT)

Contact Number: 207/581-3196

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