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20 women take 20 minutes to roll 20 chapattis. How many chapattis can 400 women roll in 400 minutes?

a. 20 b. 2000 c. 4000 d. 8000

Answer: d. 8000

A building is under construction and the task of paving the blocks is given to a group of men. 40 men can finish the given task in 96 days, working 9 hours/day. If 48 men take up the assignment and commit to finish it in 45 days, how many hours will they need to work per day?

a. 16 b. 18 c. 24 d. 27

Answer: a. 16

A ship was stocked with food to last for 40 days for 2500 sailors. However, some sailors could not board the ship and the food could last for 50 days. How many sailors could not board the ship?

a. 400 b. 500 c. 700 d. 1000

Answer: b. 500

A trip was organized for 75 travelers for 35 days and the food supply was arranged accordingly. However, some travelers showed up with friends and there were 15 additional people from day one of the trip. Now, for how many days will the food supply last for all these people?

a. 11.25 days b. 29.1 days c. 30 days d. 32 days

Answer: b. 29.1 days

3 men can build a stage in 18 days while 6 boys can also do it in 18 days. If 4 men and 4 boys work on the assignment together, how many days will they take to finish it?

a. 4.5 days b. 6 days c. 9 days d. 27 days

Answer: c. 9 days

Ram and Shyam take a project to work together. However, Shyam falls sick after working for 20 days and Ram works alone on the project for last 6 days. They submit the project in 26 days. Had Ram and Shyam worked on the project for all the days together, they could have submitted it in 24 days. How many days will Shyam take to complete the project alone?

a. 13 days b. 36 days c. 52 days d. 72 days

Answer: d. 72 days

No. of books bound by a child is half the number of books a man can bind. 20 men and 16 children take 10 days to bind all the books. If there are 8 men and 12 children working on the assignment, how many days will they take to bind all the books?

a. 20 days b. 24 days c. 25 days d. 40 days

Answer: a. 20 days

12 pumps of one type pump 300 litres of water when each is running for 18 hours per day. But a set of 16 pumps of other type pump 400 litres of water when each is running for 24 hours per day. How efficient are former type of pumps than latter type?

a. 7 times more efficient 15 b. 7 times more efficient 12 c. 3 times more efficient 4 d. 4 times more efficient 3

Answer: d. 4 times more efficient 3

75 employees have been able to finish only one-third of the project in 40 hours. The time committed by the management to complete the project was 90 hours. How many more employees should join the team to complete the project on time?

a. 45 b. 55 c. 100 d. 150

Answer: a. 45

A tank has water for 72 trees and can last for 54 days for them. If each tree is given 10% less water than 90 trees can get the water for how many days?

a. 24 days b. 36 days c. 42 days d. 48 days

Answer: d. 48 days

3 inlets, opened for 8 hours a day, can fill a reservoir completely in 2 days. For how many hours a day must 4 inlets be opened to fill the reservoir completely in 1day?

a. 9 b. 10 c. 11 d. 12

Answer: d. 12

6 blocks weigh 264.37 kg. What will be the weight of 5 blocks? a. Rs. 100 b. Rs. 140 c. Rs. 200 d. Rs. 220

Answer: d. Rs. 220

On a ship supplies for 120 adults and 200 boys are available but only 150 boys board the ship. How many adults can be catered to with the remaining supplies?

a. 178 b. 195 c. 204 d. 488

Answer: b. 195

A camp had meal arrangements for 150 people to last for 45 days. However, 25 people decided to leave the camp after 10 days. For how many days will the remaining food last?

a. 37 1 4 b. 29 1 2 c. 42 d. 54

Answer: c. 42

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