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2011 TOEFL Scholarship Program in India

TOEFL scholarships let you study at the university of your choice.

2011 TOEFL Scholarships Available (Application Deadline: April 15, 2011)

* Three (3) $10,000 scholarships available: one to colleges/universities in the U.K., one to colleges/universities in the U.S. and one to colleges/universities in Canada

* Six (6) $5,000 scholarships available: one to colleges/universities in the U.K., one to colleges/universities in the U.S., one to colleges/universities in Canada and three to colleges/universities in any other location

Get Application Form


TOEFL® scholarships will be awarded to students in India who meet the following requirements:

* You must currently be living in India.

* You must begin undergraduate or graduate study in 2011 at a college/university listed in the TOEFL Destinations Directory (PDF).

* You must hold a grade point average (GPA) of 80 or higher on a 100-point scale or 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

* You must have a valid TOEFL score.

* You must return a completed application form with your TOEFL test scores, written essay and official transcript in a sealed envelope.

Scholarship award funds for students who will be studying abroad are applied to their tuition fees only after the student has registered with the institution and arrived on campus.

Application Requirements

To officially apply for a TOEFL scholarship, you must submit the following documents postmarked by the April 15, 2011 deadline:

* a completed application, including TOEFL scores and a completed essay

* an official transcript in a sealed envelope

* personal interview (for finalists only)

Before March 15, 2011 Take the TOEFL test and get your scores. We recommend taking the test as soon as possible so your scores are available well before the April 15, 2011 deadline.
Before April 15, 2011

Access the application form (PDF). This form is provided as an Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file. It is highly recommended that you save this file to your hard drive before proceeding. Please enter your responses directly into the form using the fields provided. Remember to save your work frequently by clicking the "Save" button in the toolbar (or File > Save in the menus). When you are ready to submit your application, print a single copy and submit it along with an official transcript from your high school (for those applying for undergraduate study) or university (for those applying for graduate study) in a sealed envelope.

Send your completed application and official transcript to Study Places. (Study Places is the local Master Resource Center for ETS that will process the applications.) Only completed application files received by Study Places on or before the April 15, 2011 deadline will be considered. Address your materials to:

ETS Scholarship Program
402 B, STP, Hartron Complex,
Electronic City, Sector – 18,
Gurgaon 122015
Haryana, INDIA

Before June 1, 2011 If you are selected as a TOEFL scholarship winner, you will be required to e-mail a PDF of the acceptance letter from the college/university you will be attending to by June 1, 2011.

Selection Process

April 15–April 22, 2011 ETS will verify the TOEFL score and the scores in the transcripts submitted by the applicants.
On or about April 22, 2011 Study Places will e-mail you regarding your standing.
April 22–May 5, 2011 The selected applications will be anonymously evaluated by two independent raters, both of whom are from the Indian higher education sector, who will be selected and trained by ETS to evaluate the scholarship applications.
On or about May 6 Study Places will notify finalists of their standing.
May 9–May 13, 2011 Interview for finalists (via phone or Skype™)
On or about May 16, 2011 ETS will select the winners based on their application evaluations and interview and Study Places will e-mail them to inform them of their award.
Before June 1, 2011 Winners are required to e-mail a PDF of the acceptance letter from the college/university they will be attending to
June 1–June 15, 2011 ETS will verify your acceptance with the appropriate college/university.
Early July 2011 Scholarship winners will be invited to a scholarship ceremony and media conference, and will be invited to give testimonials and participate in media interviews.
August 2011 ETS will disburse scholarship funds to winners’ colleges/universities to be applied to tuition fees only after the student visa has been approved and they have registered with the institution and arrived on campus.

If you have any questions about the application or selection process, please read our Frequently Asked Questions. If your question(s) is not answered, please e-mail or call +93 11 55 96 97 Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m. (India time).

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