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More films should be shot in Kashmir valley.


- Tourism will be enhanced in Kashmir by shooting more films which would in return boost India’s economy.

- It provides the perfect scenic beauty that is required by the film makers for their songs.

- Kashmir valley is working its way out of darkness and filmmakers should lend a helping hand in doing so.

- Filmmakers will save the effort of traveling longer distance i.e. outside India, with their equipments.

- The cost which will be put in during the shooting will be very cheap and affordable.

- Kashmir is a very integral part of our culture and films will form a bridge in between people of different states.


- Films having major stars will be a high-value target for the militants and security parameters would have to be arranged.

- It a very volatile area as it has just emerged out from many attacks and there is always a threat of militia attacking any moment.

- The infrastructure found is Kashmir is not up to the mark i.e. it is unsatisfactory.

- Getting shooting permits in Kashmir is also very tricky due to its volatile nature to terrorist attacks.

- There are frequent curfews and demonstrations which would result in a standstill of the proceedings. Thus, waste of time is a certain possibility.

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