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Parenthood- only thing that makes a difference to everything in life?


- The upbringing is essential for the development of the values system and personality of a person. Parenthood is the most essential building block of a childís life.

- It has a very huge psychological impact on the person.

- Good parenthood is extremely imperative especially in times of depravity.

- Parents teach so many things that no other person can teach. They preach about morals and discipline which is very necessary for a personís admirable personality.

- Parenthood acts as a catalyst in forming self-esteem and self-belief which are two most priced possession of a person.

- Children have few universal needs like, an adequate standard of living and protection which can only be provided by parents.


- It has been seen that orphan children without parents, from broken homes have emerged extremely strong.

- We live in a society in which the divorce rates are going up every minute and we still see that people without parenthood are doing all right.

- Parenthood can teach a lot of things but itís always the choices the individual takes that matters in the end.

- It has been seen that children without a proper parenthood can take up responsibilities without any discomfort.

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