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HR Don'ts

Don't dress too casually or look untidy.

Don't make derogatory remarks about past or present employers.

Don't fidget or twitch, try to control other nervous mannerisms.

Conversely, don't sit there like a statue. If you feel more comfortable talking with the aid of your hands for emphasis, then use them, but try not to be too excessive in your gestures.

Don't interrupt the interviewer before they have finished asking you a question and never finish their sentences for them.

Don't Lie. If you have to lie about what you are like or your abilities in order to obtain the job, you are likely to find yourself in a position that you don't really like and probably one in which you will have problems fulfilling successfully.

Don't worry if you answer one question badly. Treat each question individually. Remember that if you mess up the second question but answer the next 15 brilliantly they won't place much emphasis on the second question putting your poor answer down to nerves. If however, you get so caught up in chastising yourself for making a mistake, you will continue to make mistakes, have more problems thinking about your answer and finish feeling extremely anxious and knowing that you made a mess of the interview.

Don't talk about salary, holidays or bonuses unless they bring them up.

Don't answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no". Make sure that you explain your reasoning fully.

Don't wear too much perfume or aftershave.

Don't smoke even if invited to do so.

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