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Directions for Questions Nos: 13 to 17

Five executives of a multinational company met in Bombay :

Mr. Ram can speak Tamil and Hindi

Mr. Sham speaks Tamil and English

Mr. Raju converses in English and Hindi

Mr. Balu speaks Telugu and Tamil quite well.

Mr. Lalu can speak Hindi and Telugu

13) Which of the following can act as a interpreter when Mr. Raju and Mr. Balu wish to confer?

A) Mr. Ram Only

B) Mr. Sham Only.

C) Either Mr. Ram or Mr. Sham

D) Any of the other three executives.

Ans. D

14) Besides Mr. Lalu, which of the following can converse with Mr. Balu without an Interpreter?

A) Mr. Ram Only

B) Mr. Sham only

C) Mr. Ram and Mr. Sham

D) Mr. Raju Only

Ans. C

15) Which of the following cannot converse without interpreter?

A) Mr. Sham and Mr. Lalu.

B) Mr. Ram and Mr. Sham

C) Mr. Ram and Mr. Raju

D) Mr. Sham and Mr. Balu

Ans. A

16) If a sixth executive is brought in, for him to be understood by the maximum number of original five, he should be fluent in?

A) English and Telugu

B) Hindi and Tamil

C) Telugu and Hindi

D) Hindi and English

Ans. B

17) Of the languages spoken the most common languages are

A) English and Tamil

B) English and Hindi

C) English and Telugu

D) Hindi and Tamil

Ans. D

Directions for Questions Nos:18 to 21

Four people of different nationalities live on the same side of a street in four houses each of different color. Each person has a different favorite drink. The following additional information also known:

The Englishman lives in the red house.

The Italian drinks tea.

The Norwegian lives in the first house on the left.

In the second house from the right they drink milk

The Norwegian lives adjacent to the blue house

The Spaniard drinks fruit juice

Tea is drunk in the blue house.

The White House is to the right of the red house

18). Milk is drunk by

A) Norwegian

B) Englishman

C) Italian

D) None of these

Ans. B

19) The Norwegian drinks

A) Milk

B) Cocoa

C) Tea

D) Fruit Juice

Ans. B

20) The color of Norwegians house is

A) Yellow

B) White

C) Blue

D) Red

Ans. A

21) Which of the following is not true:

A) Milk is drunk in the red house

B) Italian lives in the blue house

C) The Spaniard lives in a corner house

D) The Italian lives next to Spaniard.

Ans. D

Directions for Questions Nos: 22 to 23

Kya-Kya is an island in the south pacific .The inhabitants of Kya-Kya always Answer any question with two sentences, one of which is always true and other is always false.

22) You are walking on a road and come to a fork. You ask the inhabitants Ram, Laxman, Lila,Which road will take me to the village?

Ram says,I never speak to strangers. I am new to this place.

Laxman says,I am married to Lila. Take the left road.

Lila says,I am married to ram. He is not new to this place.

Which of the following is true?

A) Left road takes you to the village

B) Right road takes you to the village

C) Lila is married to laxman

D) None of above

Ans. A.

Ram said he never talked to strangers, but he spoke to a stranger, this means that this statement is false, hence his other statement must be true, hence the second statement of Lila is false, hence her first statement is true that is she is married to ram, hence the first statement of Laxman is false, hence his second statement is true, that is take the left road.

23) You find that your boat is stolen. You question three inhabitants of the island and they reply as follows:

John says,I did not do it. Mathew did not do it.

Matthew says,I did not do it. Krishna did not do it.

Krishna says, I did not do it .I do not know who did it.

Who stole your boat?

A) John

B) Matthew

C) Krishna

D) None of them.

Ans. B

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Disclaimer: All the above contents are provided by Google Group members.
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