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1)Remove the odd ones

a)job scheduler b)long term scheduler c)medium term scheduler

d)process term scheduler


2) long term scheduler is also known as

a)cpu scheduler b)job scheduler c)middle term scheduler d)none of these


3)which one is not in the process state

a)ready b)run c)terminated d)none of these

ans: d

4)Switching the cpu to another process requires saving the state of the old process and loading the saved state is called

a)mode switch b)process switch c)context switch d)none


GLOBAL EDGE Latest Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 6 2005

5)which one is not in the compilation stage

a)lexical analyser



d)code generator


Operating System :

1. Round Robin algorithm is used in :

a. deadlock preventiom b. process management c . scheduling (1)

d . deadlock detection

2. Type of memory management used in unix os

a. swapping b. demand paging c . both a and b(1) d. none of the above

3. File system supported in Unix

a. ext2 b. ext3 c. a and b (1) d . none of the above

4. number of address bits in 8086 processor

a. 16 b. 20(1) c . 24 d. 12

5. which is the data type , which does'nt depend on the m/c

a. char(1) b. int c. float d.none

6. The int size depends on ?

a. ALU size(1) b. OS c. none OS Questions

1. Which is the most efficient page replacement algo -

a. LRU ( Correct - not v sure )

b. LFU



2. Compaction comes into picture in -

a. Paging

b. Sheduling

c. Segmentation ( Correct )

d. File Management

3.Which systems support both Real Mode / Protected Mode -

a. Intel 386 and higher ( Correct)

b. Intel 286 and higher

c. Pentium series only

d. None of teh above

4. High Paging Activity leads to -

a. Swapping

b. Compaction

c. Thrashing ( Correct)

d. External Fragmentation

5. Which are the necessary conditions for deadlock

a. Mutual Exclusion

b. Non preemption

c. Circular wait

d. Hold and wait

e. All of the above ( Correct)

1) Gateway is the one which

choice(s) : ---------

(a) Supports Multiple Protocols within same Network

(b) Routes Messages / Packets within same Network , having single protocol

(c) Supports Muliple Protocols of two / more Different Networks

(d) Routes Messages / Packets to differnt Networks,having same protocol b/w them

2) Size of ATM packet , in bytes

choice(s) :

--------- (a)34




3) Where is the Bootstrap Loader present physically ?

Choice(s) :

(a) HDD (b) BIOS ROM (c) First Track Zeroth Cylinder Zeroth Sector (d) Zeroth Track Zeroth Cylinder First Sector

4) Major Difference b/w Switches & Routers is

(a)No Difference between them

(b)Switches work in Data Link Layer & Routers in Network Layer of OSI model

(c)Switches divides the bandwidth across the various Devices connected whereas

Routers Preserve Bandwidth.

(d)Routers have more intelligence than switches in routing a packet & able to

adjust to the environmental changes Dynamically

5) Difference between a Hub & a Repeater

(a) Hub is used in Network Layer & Repeater at Physical Layer

(b) Hub & Repeater both are same

(c) Hub is a Repeater

(d) Hub divides Bandwith among various Machines whereas Repeater doesnot

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