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1) The different stages of compilation are

a. preprocessor, compiler, assembler, loader, linker

b. preprocessor, compiler, assembler, linker, loader (ans)

c. preprocessor, assembler, compiler, linker, loader

d. preprocessor, compiler, linker, assembler, loader

2) Round Robin algorithm is used in

a. memory management

b. cpu scheduling (ans)

c. deadlock detection

d. none of the above

3) Multiprogamming is used

a. to maximize cpu utilization (ans)

b. to increase process execution time

c. to save memory

d. none of the above

4) Drawback in paging is

a. internal fragmentation (ans)

b. external fragmentation

c. both (a) and (b)

d. none of the above

5) Belady's Anomaly occurs in which page replacement algorithm?

a. fifo (ans)

b. lru

c. lfu

d. none

1) a relocatable code is

a) portable code

b) code generated for virtual address

c) ready to run anywhere in memory

d) both b & c (ans)

2) Memory management unit(MMU)

a) is software

b) hardware

c) both a & b (ans)

d) none

3) C is a

a) low level language

b) high level language

c) middle level language (ans)

d) portable language

4) symbol table used for


b)generating machine code

c)resolving external references

d)both b & c (ans)

e) none

5)dispatcher is used in

a)memory management


c)scheduling (ans)


6) use of virtual memory

a) to support executables larger than memory size (ans)

b) to increase speed of execution

c) both

d) none

Computer Concepts

1 spooling is the acronym for

(a) simultaneous processors operation online

(b) simultaneous peripheral operation online

(c) simultaneous peripheral operation over line

(d) simultaneous processor online operation

ans : (b)

2 Telnet is

(a) Application layer protocol

(b) Network Layer protocol

(c) used by Link Layer for sending frames

(d) None of the above

ans : (a)

3 socket in network programming is

(a) an electrical device

(b) IPC

(c) synchronization tool

(d) Network layer protocol

ans : (b)

4 DMA stands for

(a) Direct Memory Access

(b) Directional Momentary Acess

(c) Directional Major device Access

(d) Direct Minor device Access

ans : (a)

5 Linux

(a) has hierarchical file system (b) has FAT (c) treats peripheral devices as files (d) both (a) & (c)

ans : (d)

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