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1. in case memory maped i/o which one is not true

a. there a is seperate address space for i/o operation

b. special instruction are used for i/o data transfer

c. memory address may overlap

d. none of the above.

Ans. a

2 DMA requires

a.most of the cpu time

c.CPU instantiation.

d.main memory.

Ans c

3. special i/o instruction r required for

a.Memory mapped i/o b.i/o mapped i/o c.both of these d.none of these

Ans a

4. out put of complier is

a.assembly code

b.object code

c.machine code

d.none of the above

Ans b.

1.which one of the following is wrong

A. 2's complement(10110) = 01010 B. 4's complement(1230)=2110 C. 8's complement(7436)=1451 @ D. 5's complement(4322)=0123

2.(128)base 10 = (1003)base r, what is the value of r?

A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 @ D. 6

3. In design of instruction set

A. RISC uses more no of instructions. B. CISC uses more no.of instructions @ C. Both uses same no. of instruction. D. RISC uses mor than CISC

4. which phase of the compiler checks lexicographic errors

A. Syntax Phase B. Semantic Phase C. Lexical Analysis @ D.Code Optimization

5. Random accessing is possible in

A. Read Only Memory(ROM) B. Random Access Memory(RAM) C. Both RAM and ROM @ D. None of the above.

1.Who is called the father of Computers ?

a) Blaise Pascal

b) Herman Hollerith

c) Antony Van

d) Charles Babbage

Ans .(d)

2.How many columns did Punched Card have ?

a) 24 b) 100 c) 80 d) 16


3.What does the acronym FTP stand for ?

a)File Transmission Protocol b)File Transfer Protocol b)Fifo Termination Pointer d)File Tracking Pointer


4.Which company was involved in the development of Unix?

a)Microsoft b)IBM c)AT&T d)Hewlett Packard


5.What does acronym RISC stand for ?

a)Rapid Instruction Set Computers b)Rapid Integer Signalling Computers c)Reduced Instruction Set Computers d)Reliable Instruction Set Computers


1.) Who is the originator of MS-DOS

a. Gary Kildall

b. Dennis Ritchie

c. Tim Patterson *

d. Ken Thompson

2.) Which of the following is responsible for displaying the DOS prompt

a. Resident portion of COMMAND.COM

b. Transient portion of COMMAND.COM *

c. SYSINIT module of IO.SYS


3.) Bootstrap loader program is a program belonging to:

a. ROM extension software

b. ROM startup software *

c. ROM-BIOS software

d. ROM Basic software

4.) Whether a particular operation is successfully carried out by

DOS or not is indicated by the value stored in

a.Ordinary register

b.Flags register *

c.Segment register

d.Offset register

5.) In a 80386 microprocessor each CPU register is

a.12 bits long

b.16 bits long *

c. 8 bits long

d. 8 bytes long

6.) Each Address in Interrupt Vector table is

a. 2 bytes long

b. 4 bytes long *

c. 8 bytes long

d. 1 byte long

7.) The Program Counter is also called

a. Stack Pointer b. Base Pointer c. Instruction Pointer * d. None of the above

8.) The 8088 is a

a. 8 bit Microprocessor b. 16 bit Microprocessor c. 8/16 bit Microprocessor * d. a 32 bit Microprocessor

9.) Pick the odd one out

a. VGA b. EGA c. XGA d. BCA *

10.) A ROM-BIOS routine makes use of the segment register ES and DS. To call this routine which function would you use

a. int86() b. int86x() * c. intdos() d. intdosx() *

11.) Conventionally one screenful of characters would require how many bytes:

a. 2000 b. 3000 c. 4000 * d. 5000

1. IEEE stands for ?

a) Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers b) Information for Electronics and Electrical Engineers c) International Electronics and Elecrical Engineers. d) None of the above.

Ans: a

2. Which of the following protocol help us while receiving mail messages over the internet ?

a) SNMP b)

ans: c

3. Which of the following tools are used to partition the hard disk ?

a) fdisk b) Disk Manager ( DM ). c) Both d) None of the above.

ans: c

4. EBCDIC code stands for ?

a) Extended Binary coded decimal interchange code b) Extended Biased coding Decimal interchange code c) External Biased coding Decimal interchange code d) None of the above

ans: a

5. C++ designed and developed by ?

a) Kerninghan & Ritchie. b) Thomson. c) Bary B Brey. d) Bjarne Stroustrup

ans: d)

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