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1 How many Padma Sri Awards were presented for the year 2012?

a. 5 b.27 c. 77 -Answer d.84

2 Who wrote the book Olympics the Indian Story?

a.Suresh Kalmadi b.Boria Majundar, Nalini Mehata -Answer c.Kirthy Chawla d. P.T. Usha

3 How many times Mr. Viswanath Anand won the World Chess Champion Title?

a. 4 b. 5-Answer c.6 d. 7

4 Who among the following is president of Indian Olympics Association?

a. Suresh Kalmadi b. Akhil Kumar c. VK Malhotra -Answer d. Deva Dath Sharma

5 Who among the following has been appointed as the new President of the World Bank?

1) Jim Yong Kim 2) Jose Antonio Ocampo 3) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala 4) Robert Zoellick 5) Naoyuki Shinohara

Ans.) 1

6 Who among the following countries is the first to set up a cardless ATM which will run on Fujitsu palm-scanning biometric technology, which recognizes the unique pattern of veins in a palm?

1) China 2) Japan 3) United States 4) United Kingdom 5) India

Ans.) 2

7 In which of the following Indian city the Asia’s first Dolphin Research centre will be set up?

1) Patna 2) Allahabad 3) Banaras 4) Kolkata 5) Kanpur

Ans.) 1

8 Which of the following countries has decided to lift sanctions against Myanmar’s President and more than 200 others who are at present under travel and financial bans?

1) Australia 2) Philippines 3) China 4) Indonesia 5) Taiwan

Ans.) 1

9 With which of the following country has the UAE recently signed an agreement to amend the double taxation avoidance treaty which will pave way for better sharing of tax related information between the two countries?

1) Pakistan 2) United States 3) India 4) Austria 5) Bangladesh

Ans.) 3 10 Recently the Reserve Bank Governor D Subbarao has slashed the short term lending rate, which will reduce the cost of home, auto and corporate loans. What is the current repo rate?

1) 8.50% 2) 8% 3) 9% 4) 7.50% 5) 9.50%

Ans.) 2

11 Which of the following country has recently assured India that it will continue to allow post-study work-experience permits to students, provided they get appropriate jobs commensurate with their qualifications or degrees?

1) United States 2) Australia 3) United Kingdom 4) Canada 5) China

Ans.) 3 12 The annual joint military exercise named as Balikatan recently took place in Palawan. It is a joint exercise between which of the two following countries?

1) US, China

2) China, Philippines

3) Malaysia, China

4) US, Philippines 5) Taiwan, US

Ans.) 4 13 The South China Sea is believed to contain huge deposits of oil and gas that has led to occasional flare-ups and to competition to occupy the island. There are six countries who claim their sovereignty over the sea. Name the countries.

1) China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam

2) China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, US, Japan

3) Philippines, US, Japan, Vietnam, India, Cambodia?

4) Indonesia, Cambodia?, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia

5) Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Singapore, China

Ans.) 1

14 Which of the following is not a function of the EXIM bank?

1) Financing of joint ventures in foreign countries

2) Financing of export and import of machinery and equipment on lease basis

3) Financing of export from and import into not only India, but also third countries of goods and services

4) Providing loans to a foreign party so as to enable it to contribute in the share capital of a joint venture in India

5) None of these

Ans.) 4

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