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Software Companies Placement Papers-IBM-Free Download

1. If a person sells a product for rs141/- he suffers a loss of 6%.if he has to have a profit of 10%, at what price should he sell it? Answer : Rs.165

2. 7,0,1,8,5,12,9,26,3,23,2,?

Answer : 28

3. 2,3,10,15,26,? Answer : 35

4. If the 1rst day of 1999 is a sunday,what is the last day?

5. If A driver drives a car four times a lap 10,20 30,60 kmph what is his average speed? Answer : 20kmph

6. 5,16,22,68,28,87,36,106,11,? Answer : 45

7. 13,24,36,23,34,56,33,44,96,43,54,?

Answer : 116

8. 0,1,2,0.5,2,2,2,2,4,3,2,?

Answer : 3.5

9. 8,5,9,7,2,25,5,1,16,8,6,?

Answer : 15

10. 1/4,1/4,1/2,3/2,6,?

Answer : 30

11. 9,4,16,6,36,21,441,?

Answer : 421

12. Speed of boat in still water is 10kmph..if it travels 24km downstream,16km upstream in the same amount of time,what is the speed of the stream?

13. 3,7,10,8,4,12,0,5,5,3,2,?

Answer : 5

14. 7,4,6,3,4.5,1.5,2.25,?

Answer : -0.75

15. A cube of 3 units is painted on all sides. If this cube is divided into cubes of 1 unit,how many cube have none of their faces painted?

16. In a class the average age is 16yrs.if the teacher who is 40 yrs of age is also included ,the average becomes 17yrs,how many students were there?

17. If 3 houses are to be painted,Mr A can paint a house in 6 days(nos are not same)...Mr B can do the same in 8 days...and Mr.C in 12 days. If Mmr A does the work for 8 days and leaves for vacation, and Mr B continues the work for the next 6 days, for how many days should mr.C work?

Answer : 11 days

18. A ball falls from a height of 8ft ,bounces back to half the distance & continues till it comes to rest. What is the total distance travelled by the ball?

Answer: 24ft

19. 18,24,5,21,27,8,17,23,4,24,30,?

Answer : 9

20. 3,5,2,100,4,7,3,196,1,6,5,?

Answer : 144

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