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1.mod(x)+cube(x)=0 1.(0,-1) 2.(0,-1,1) 3.(0,-1,-2) 4.indeterminate ans:(0,-1)

2.if a+b+c < 1 then ab+bc+ac = ? 1. <1/2 2 >1/2 3.1 4.none of these. ans <1/2.

3.if a man earns Rs20 on first day and spends Rs15 on second day ,and earns Rs20 on third day and spends Rs 15 on fourth day and goes on on which day he will be having Rs 60. ans. 17th day. (similar to sakuntala devi monkey puzzle). a tennis tournament there are 137 players .to decide the winner among them how many matches should be played among them. such that if a player losts the match he is not eligible for the next round. ans.136

5.if there is only 1 kg weight with you in how many minimum weightings u would weigh 31 kg ans 5.

6.between 1 and 100 total no of numbers divisible by 3 ,9 and 27.

7.between 1 and 100 total no of numbers divisible by any two of 3 ,9 and 27.

8.between 1 and 100 total no of numbers divisible by exactly two of 3 ,9 and 27.

9.between 1 and 100 total no of numbers divisible by all the 3 ,9 and 27.

10. if m and n divisible by 5 then which of thw following br not necessarily br true. a.m-n divisible by 5. b.m^2 - n^2 divisible by 25. c.m+n divisible by 5. d.indeterminate ans:- d

11.between numbers 10 to 99 how many numbers can be formed with the combinations of 0,1,2,3,4.

12. M*n= -1 then m+n=0 if m ,n are consecutive odd numbers.

13.if three cubes are numbered with 1 ,2,3 onthere faces then what is the probability of drawing the cubes on after the other cubes with replacement threee times for N=1,2,3.

14.the perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 45.if one of the side is the side of an isoceles triangle of perimeter 40 then what is the length of base of isosceles triangle. ans:40

15 AA is two digit number then m times its cube of AA has 1 in its tens place then what is m.

16.the two numbers (23__)^32 and (12__)^ 33 has 6 in the last digit what is the missing digit.

17.once 3000 students went ot amusement park. there are three kinds of trips of Rs 1 each .in which 800 students tokk all the three trips and 1400 students took atleast 2 trips and no student took more than one round. if the amusement park collected a total of Rs7200 then find the total number os students who took no trip.

18.The ratio of white balls to black balls is 1:2.If 9 grey balls are added then the ratio of white:black:grey is 2:4:3.Find the number of black balls. ans:12

19.15x^2 -ax +60=0 if one root is square of other then find a.

20.82*83*84*....89 what is the digit in units place. ans 0.

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