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1. square root of (PQ)=8 then 4 options Ans:p+q =1: is not possible

2. equilateral triangle of side 10 units. cow is teethered with a rope of length 7 units at one of the vertex. Find the area of the field grazed. ans-77/3

3.Series till 50 terms: 2+3-5 +2+3-5+.... ans:5

5.when x is diveded by 299 remainder is 100. then when x is divided by 23 remainder is ? ans:8

6. there r 2 groups A and B. A boy goes from gp A to gp B. When he goes the ave wt of both the gps A and B increases. Then? ans:ave wt of gp A>wt of boy is>ave wt of gp B

7. (7^2)^3 and 7^2^3. What is the relation between the 2 . ie >,<,= ans- (7^2)^3<7^2^3.

8.Train speed 36kph. Dist travelled in 3minutes in meters ans-1800m

9. with the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6 make all 6 digit nos which r not divisible by 5. The no of such 6 digit nos is ans:600

10. x 2.5 3.5 1.5 y25 49 9 then what is the relation between x and y ans:y is directly proportional to (2x)^2

11.18kg of fresh grapes have 90% water. dry grapes have 20% water. then the weight of the dry grapes is ans:2.25kg

14.population is 20000. Pop increases by 10% every year, then the pop after 3 years is? ans-26620

15.Dist bet 2 places A and B is given. A man P starts from place A at 9 pm and another man Q goes from B at 10pm . Speed of Q is double of that of P. Both cover 1/4 dist in the same time interval. then A travels the entire dist in time ? ans:8hrs

17.Entry fee is Re1. There r 3 rides each is of Re1. Total boys entering is 3000. Total income is Rs 7200. 800 students do all the 3 rides. 1400 go for atleast 2 rides. None go the same ride twice. Then no of students who do not go any ride is ans:1400 (check-1000)

19. 1,23,45,67... ans:-89

20. m is div by 5, n is div by 5 m-n is div by 5 m*n is div by 25 ans:then m+n is not div by 10

22.Cube of side 5 cms is fully painted in alll the 6 sides. it is then cut into cubes each of side 1 cms. then prob that 2 sides r painted is ans:36/125

24.A is 25% bigger than B B is 20% less than C then the relation bet A, B, C ans 5:4:5

25.A cone and a sphere have the same radius. and in the cone we put the sphere then how much of sphere will be inside the cone a)1/2 b)>1/2 c)<1/2 ans d)1/4

26. there r 5 papers Ratio of marks obtained in each subject is 6:7:8:9:10. Total marks obtained is 60%. 50% is pass marks. In how many subjects did he get above 50%. ans:4

27. which one is not correct a)cube rootof 343. b)3.24 is not an integer Ans:none of these

28.A and B r 2 men who enter into business and they invest Rs 1000, Rs 2000 resp. How will they divide the income of Rs 5000 .ans 5000/3 & 5000(2/3)

29. 9C2 + 9C3 +10C4=? ans 11c4

1. 10^23-7 is divided by 6, remainder is? ans-3

2. if x+y+z =1. then xy+yz+zx is a)<1/2 ans b)>1/2 c)=1/2 12.nos from 1 to 100. a)find all the nos which r divisble by 3,9,27 -33 b)at least 2 --11 c) only 2 --8 d) none --67

13. 3 balls inside a bag having nos on it written 1 , 2, 3 on it. a ball is taken and then put inside it. Find probability that all 3 nos r the same when it is taken 3 times ans-1/27

27)15c6+15c7+16c8=== 17cx ans- x== 8 or 9.

28)three men invested sum. and their ratio is 5:7:6. profit is 5400.then b's share ans--2100

29)sum of all 5 digit nos formed using 1,3,5,7,9. ans---6666600 (11111+33333+55555+77777+99999)*24. each digit occupies all the places for 24 times.

30)x and y even nos. x>y which is even. a)x+y b)x-y c) 2x/y (not)

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