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1. A make a wall in 9 hour. B makes a wall in 10 hour. When doing together 10 more bricks are required and together make a wall in 5 hour. How many bricks r there in the wall? (190)

3. A man got 20 rupees in 1st day. Next day spent 15 rupees. 3rd day got rupees 20. 4th day spent 15.hoew many days r required to save 60 rupees? Ans (17

4. Apple, orange, mango. Mango + apple=12. Mango + orange=10. Mango +Apple + orange=38. Calculate the no of mango?ans-8

5. 40 persons like apple. 7 like orange and mango dislike apple. 10 like mango and apple and dislike orange. 4 like all. How many people like apple? (26)

6. | x | + x^3 =0 solve x. (-1,0)

12. Round trip time of 110 meters in a river is 16 min. the velocity of stream is 3m/min. what is the velocity of the person in the still water? (8)

Q3) word "courageously" is given . form the word chosing thefirst,sixth, seventh and eleventh letter. whether ny word can be formed from this word, then how many.?

Q1)cube is of size 5*5*5 .every side has een oloured. it is divided into 125equal parts. 1) what is the no. of parts having only one side coloured - 54.2) no. of parts having two sided oloured 36. 3) having no side coloured - 27.

Q3) 72 67 66 61 60 ... ans 55.

Q5) A is 16th position and 29th from down of the people who passed. 5 failed , 6 didn't give . how many boys are there in the class : ans : 55.

4)A's 5th birthday is on 12th which is a (say) Monday of a leap year. What wil lbe the day on their 6th birthday(**wednesday**).

1) A beats B by 20metres ,B beats C by20 metres in a 100 m race .By how mauch A beats C ans-36

12) If 2+3= 35, 4+5 = 189, what is 10+1=ans-121 1. A word .e. computers " is given. Qus: using 2nd 4th 6th & last letters of the word given form a meaningful word Ans: Stop

Qus: How many three letter words starting with a vowel can be formed with the above word . Ans: ?

3. Pointing at a photo a man said the boy in the photo is son of my fathers Only son . what is the relation of boy to ans: Son

5) A person walks 25 meter North , turns left and walks 10 meter again turns left and walks 20 meter Again turns left and walks 10 meter . how far and inwhich direction is e rom the starting point. Ans: 5m north

2. What is the ratio of (1/4) to the power 3 and (1/4) to the power4 Ans:4:1

3.If p=n-8 , m=n+10; then in terms of p,m is ? Ans : (p+18)

4.If x+m is an integer and x-m is also an integer Must be an integer. Ans: (probably) 2x

1.women takes 2 steps for every 3 steps of a man. if they both start from left as first step, how many steps did man take before both of them put their right step together Ans: 5

2. In a garden man has to pick some flowers ans has to pass thru 3 doors. Each door has a guard. man has to give half of the flowers he had to the guard and in return guard returns the man him one flower back. how many flower should man pick so that at the end he is left with same number of lowers he has picked?Ans: 2

3. A bag contains 25 paise, 50 paise and 1 rupee coins in the ratio 7:4:3 . total no. of coins is 360. sum of total coins is Rs. 99(don't remember exactly). so how many 25 paise coins?

6. A two digit number reversed and multiplied by 4 is 3 more than the original digit. what is the digit?

8. A man goes to shopkeeper and says that if u give me as much as i have ,i will spend Rs.10/- on ur shop. shopkeeper agrees and man moves to another shopkeeper ans asked same. at 3rd shop after all the transaction he was left with no money. find the initial amount with the man. (easy one)(2-3 questions of this type)

1.there r three commeetee two r members of all. In any two three r common members find total persons. Ans 5

4 c.p=160. mark price =25% above 160 and discount 15% find s.p

5 two horses r sold for 100rs 1 at 20% profit 2 at 20%loss find profit/loss in rs.

6 x+y+z=9& y>0,z>0 and both r int max value of x. ans 7

7. the ratio of a&b =9:4 after 7 year this become 5:3 .find the age of b.ans-8

8. a rectangle l is increased by 10 & b is decresed by 5.again l is decresed by5 and b is increased by 4 area unaltered in both case find l.

9. consecutive discout of 10%, 15% and then 199 is s.p find c.p.ans-~~260

10. what % of x^2 is (2/3)x ans . can not determined

11. first container contain half oil. Second container of double volume contains 1/4 the oil.what is the fration when both r mixed . ans 1/3.

12. x>y>z then which is true. a) x% of y> y% of z b) y%of x >z% of y C) z% of x> y% of z d) all of these. Ans d

15. milk and water is in ratio 5:1 and in other vessel the ratio is 2:1 when they mixed what is the ratio ans-3:1

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