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Syntel Placement Papers-Free Download

1. DESIM is coded as CAMEL,then TIGER is coded as "______"?

2.COLOUR is coded as OCOLURL,then SPECTRUM is coded as "______"? Ans: PSCERTMU

3.Three dog Roxy,Tiger,Jack.They want to be a friend of 2 cat named Sally and Billy.Among the 3 dog,one dog failed to make a fiend.Sally and Billy succed to make a friend.Then, Tiger succeed to make friend with?

4.A's father has a mother K and K's husband is T and T's brother is M and M's grandson is S.Then what is the relation of A and S?



7.(A direction question,but cant remember the exact question) Africa is north of Atlanta,greenland is in the south of Africa,Aulica is in the east of Atlanta and in the west of New Zeeland and Texus is in the South of New Zeeland.So,Africa is in which side of Texus?

8.In a job seekers line,every 3rd man is liar and every 4th man is a B.Tech holder.Then how many B.Tech holder are liar?

9.MARRIAGE is coded is AMRRAIEG,...then you have to find some thing code that I cant remember.

10.Some questions are from Logical Reasonig.

11.Some questions on probability.

12.Arrange the sentences A,B,C,D in a logical sequence to form a coherent paragraph.

A. It is because Japanese companies do not have to pay the consultancies’ inflated fees the argument goes ,that companies have more money to devote to ‘real’ investment and because they are not tempted to follow the latest management fashions that they can develop a coherent ,long term strategy. B. The average salary man,relaxing after a ten hour day over yakitori and sake, hardly Spends his time talking about Drucker –san and Peter-san .

C. It might seem far fetched to argue that Japan’s post war growth has anything to do With management theory.

D.Critics of management theory happily point out that thirty years after arriving ,

Western consultancies are still to make ends meet ,and that Japan has few business

Schools ,none of them very prestigious.

Options: 1. CADB 2. CBDA 3. DBAC 4. DBCA (2-3 this type of question)

14.Odd man series out question.

1.Difference between Virtual and Abstract Method ?

2.What is Runtime Polymorphism ?

3.What is Overiding ?

4.What is the use of a private constructor?

5.What design patterns you used in the project ?

6.What is an interface ? Is there any relation betweem interface and performance ?

7.what is an abstract class ?

8.What is the difference between DataSet and DataReader ?

9.What is CommandBuilder ?

10.What is the Difference between Application and Sesssion ?

11.How do you Host a Service ?

12.What is a Cursor, How do you replace a Cursor ?

13.Whare are temp tables ?

14.What is Channel Factory ?

15.what is heap memory ?

16.write a program for Fibonacci series?

17.write a program for linked list?

Syntel HR Questions:

1.Tell me something about yourself?

2.Tell me about computers ?

3.What is frontend and backend?

4.Founder of microsoft?

5..What are your strengths and weaknesses ?

6.Who developed JAVA?

7.Why do u want to join syntel ?

8.Which type of movies do you like?

9.Why should i Hire u ?

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